Art Direction / Visual Design / UI / Concept Development

Hi, this is me. vero.


a little bit about me

I’m, an art director hybrid product designer, with experience in branding interactions and service design . In the past I’ve worked with agencies in New York City launching campaigns, and have worked with in house teams creating products in Seattle. Currently, I help brand visual communications for Convoy, transforming the future of trucking.


Brand Design
Convoy Brand Design

Visual Design
Convoy, Fjord by Accenture Interactive. Avvo.
On assignment: Microsoft. Amazon. WunderMan. Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.
SEA 2012-current

Art Direction
FCBi, Digitas Health, Lost Boys International
NYC 2006-2012


Master of Arts. Advertising Design
Savannah College of Art
Winter/ Fall 2005

Bachelor of Arts. Graphic Design
Savannah College of Art
2001 - 2004

Minor Photography
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

client background

Transport, Hospitality, Cruises, Telecom, BigData, Federal. Direct to Consumer.

skills & languages

Concept Drawing . Design Thinking.
Visual narratives. Sketching. Collaboration. Lo-fi prototyping. Branding. Plastic arts foundation. Digital Product Creation.

Full Comprehension: Spanish, English

Understanding of: French, Italian, ein bisschen Deutsch and a little web based languages.


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